jammer No.4

Working voltage: DC 37.8V

Working mode: 470MHZ+18HZ mixing pulse  straight frequency 100M METRE remote control

Antenna mode: built-in reinforced antenna + external high-frequency antenna

Style: Charging Power Bank Style with USB C Input, Backup Charger

Instrument size: exactly the same as portable battery Style

Instrument power: 30W

Charging time: 35 minute

Power switch: Remote Control  & Handheld

Heat dissipation mode: internal heat sink

Charger: input: 110-220 vac

Cooling mode:  heat sink + temperature protection

It has a concealed, involves many aspects
Equipment characteristics: the latest debug ultra-high frequency, more suitable machine, flash alarm prevention ability is stronger.Adopt imported transistor has a strong compression capacity,
Transmitter using electronic temperature control technology, the instrument according to casually won’t burn out.Exclusive design: puckering direct charging, charging stability, take longer to apply
Principle: The JAM produces a high-frequency electromagnetic wave field. An energy-saving lamp around the generator induces electromagnetic waves and generates an electric current. When the electric energy is sufficient, the bulb will light up. PS: If it is on, it proves that the meter is working.

Typical applications: Fingerprint lock, slot, claw cranes, game machines, etc,Lucky Jackpot,Fruit Slot,arcade game machine,magic Show,Fish Table Game More….


using hidden is not easy to find application Fish Game slot machine roulette casino game gambling machine jammer ,Magic show,Fingerprint Lock Detector LightBulb Detector

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